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If you did it right, you were her first love and the man who will never leave her heart.  If you’re able, spend some quality time together and celebrate Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day! 619-03683303

My Daddy definitely did it right and if he were here I know we’d take a walk today.  If you’re not in my boat, celebrate your special bond with a walk by the lake, on the beach, or down the street.  You don’t need a fancy park setting to indulge.   Roll the wheelchair or strut your stuff, it’s not how you go that matters.  If distance is your issue and not the metaphysical kind, you can still walk, just bring your cell phones and convo through the airwaves.  Reminisce about old times or plan some new ones.  If your Father-Daughter relationship is a little bruised, today is an opportunity to start healing.  It’s better to try when you’re alive than to call Miss Cleo later.

If you’re in my boat and you want to celebrate, but can’t, you can watch Shirley Temple in The Little Princess and ball your eyes out like me.  I know this seems sad and it is, but sometimes I get a little joy from the sad things too.  Love each other and…



Hello, Mother. Hello, Father.

If you can’t keep a relationship, good credit, a place to stay and/or prevaricate compulsively, there is a good chance your parents screwed up somewhere along the way. Most people don’t become parents thinking, “I bet I’ll screw this kid up.”  Most think they will be, at the very least, a good parent who won’t make the same brilliantly stupid mistakes their parents made to screw them up.  However, after spending $25,000 in counseling costs, they realize, their parents weren’t perfect but did the best they could with what they had.  So, today in honor of the parents who screwed up their kid, it’s Forgive Mom and Dad Day!

Take today to call, text, or messenger your parents that you forgive them.  No matter how big or small their mistakes may have been, you’re an adult and it’s time to pick up your baggage and move on to the next phase of your life.

Now, if your parents monumentally screwed the pooch in a way that is either very close to or actually illegal, the $25,000 may be money well spent.  In which case, mortgage the house if you have to because you need HELP!  Get the help you need and in 365 days,  you’ll have another holiday to forgive them.  Til then, Vodka!?

Holiday on my friends!