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old_librarian.pngIt is National Librarian Day!  In my research, I discovered this position has been in existence since the 8th century.   Nationally stereotyped as the old lady always telling us to, “Be quiet,” there is more to librarians than meets the eye.  I’m not referring to the teenager who works there part-time returning books to their shelves. I’m referring to the person with the master’s degree in Library Science or the person who knows the Dewy Decimal System like you know the details of your favorite television show.  Libraries, full of information and books can seem a bit overwhelming, but librarians help us sort through it all.

If your most recent library trip memory includes thumbing through the card catalog, it’s been too long.   A lot has changed.  It is important to keep libraries in business and librarians employed.  So, visit your local library at least once a month or at the very least, once a quarter.  Every day free information is sitting there waiting to be discovered by you.  But, if opening a book makes you break out into hives, the library offers classes, children’s activities, seminars, workshops, hosts community events, has computer stations, free wifi, and even free movie rentals.  There is so much to do, just ask a librarian!

Celebrate by visiting a library and maybe taking some flowers for the staff, a card, or just thanking them in person.   It’s Resurrection Sunday so they may be closed, but I’m sure they’ll be grateful Monday, too.  Read up and …