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Words, words, words, what do they really mean? I’m not being deep.  It’s National Dictionary Day! You don’t know all the words.  You probably don’t use all those you do know correctly.  Celebrate today by polishing your skills. You may choose to indulge in a word battle like Scrabble, Scatagories, or a conversation with rapper Desiigner.  Challenge yourself today and use big words, great words, huge words.  Word up and…




What’s up, JellyBean?

If you want to eat a pink grapefruit, blood worms, and swallow your snot all in one handful, you’ve come to the right holiday.  It’s National Jelly Bean Day!  And, if I have my cult classic correct, we have Harry Potter to thank for making earwax, rotten eggs, and vomit editable (I use this term loosely).

RRJBAlthough they date back to the 1860’s, I couldn’t find anyone who knew how or why these candies were invented.  However, this little usually fruity snack has made its way from American candy dishes to American culture.  Jelly Beans are used everywhere, from the classroom to baby showers.  It is even listed in the dictionary and apparently, jellybean art is a thing.   Pictured here, is jelly bean fanatic, former President Ronald Reagan.  This portrait hangs proudly in the Reagan National Library and is made of 10,000 jellybeans and polyurethane.  Don’t eat it.

I’m not the jelly bean eating type, never have been, but I do enjoy guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar, putting them in plastic eggs for Easter, and throwing them across the room into other people’s mouths.  You can celebrate today by doing any or all of the above.  You can also play the jellybean board game or use them to teach your kids math, art, and science.  I mean seriously, who knew sugar and dye could do so much?  If you know who or find out who, please let me know.  I’d love to discover a secret patent that proves I should be a millionaire.  Until then, enjoy a stinky sock and …



jellybean – noun 1) A gaudily dressed man; faddish dresser (1919+), 2) A stupid person; fool; sap: The jelly beans I went to school with(1915+), and 3) A novice; rookie (1950s+ Baseball)

What’s Up, Doctor?

From the day we are born until the day we pass away, doctors play an important role in our lives.   Even if you don’t go for regular check-ups, need to have a limb turning purple and falling pink-elephant-1893588_640off first, or have 911 on speed dial,  you should agree it is important to have a GOOD doctor available when you need one.

Now, before we get too deep into today’s holiday, I’d like to address the pink elephant in the room.

I know you’re proud of the 45 letters behind your name, but today is strictly referring to doctors in the medical profession, that can cut you open, sew you back up AND write a prescription.  The person you’d call right now if blood started dripping uncontrollably fschool-1661731_640rom your cheek or a huge orange blister started growing, right now, on your left thumb for no reason at all. National Doctor’s Day is not referring to physical scientists, biological scientists, psychologists, linguists, engineers, programmers, ecologists, pharmacists (especially the illegal kind), historians, or librarians.  If you are still confused see Dictionary.com’s first definition.  Also, if your license has been revoked, you used to count, but you don’t anymore.



Thank you for smacking my butt to get me breathing that winter day in December.  And, for that time you gave me those nasty shots so I wouldn’t die overseas.  I appreciate you not rebreaking my arm after I broke it and didn’t go to the doctors right away, so it had already started growing back slightly crooked.  It’s doing well. Thank you for that time you saved my life with that emergency surgery in New York that I don’t remember, but have a scar as proof that it happened.  That was a scary night.  Thank you for prescribing all the meds and for taking good care of my family and friends.  You’re greatly appreciated.

Since this is a day of appreciation, I’ll leave out all the times you got it wrong and ignored what I said was wrong and treated something I didn’t have before agreeing with my diagnosis and solving the actual problem.  You’re human (and stubborn and arrogant sometimes) too.  I’m grateful that you get it right more times than you get it wrong.

Today, my friends, take a moment to call your doctor and thank them or send a special thank you note using snail mail.  Like many professionals, who could kill something when they make a mistake, I’m sure they don’t feel the love as often as they should.  So, thank a doctor today and HOLIDAY ON MY FRIENDS!!!

Yes, Veterinarians count.