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Grilling is cheating

In my experience, most men have at least one dish they can cook without burning the house down.  Today is a great day to have the man of the house prove it.  It’s National Men Make Dinner Day!  If you’re a man who lives alone or already makes dinner daily, this isn’t really your holiday.  You can take a break and celebrate Go Look for Circles Day.  If you aren’t the regular cook, apron up.  It’s your turn to burn (not literally, of course).  While there are plenty of professional male cooks, the average everyday guy isn’t known for throwin’ down in the kitchen.  Grilling is cheating, but using a recipe isn’t.  Get in the kitchen, find the post, pans, and seasonings, then prepare to throw down.  Pull up Youtube, find a website, or open a good old fashion cookbook, follow directions, get dinner going and…


Do you say PE-CAN or PE-KHAN?


During my prime year, all holidays celebration, I’ve noticed that most days have at least three holidays!  Sometimes it’s hard to choose which to focus on.  So, although I really loved “The Lord of the Rings,” I’m choosing National Pecan Day over Tolkien Reading Day.  Why? Because the only people I think will spend their Saturday reading “The Hobbit” or “The Lord of the Rings” are those who already subscribe to the Tolkien Society, in which case you’re already planning to celebrate and don’t need my reminder.  On the other hand, unless you’re allergic, you can find the time to shove a pecan in your mouth.

Do you say PE-CAN or PE-KHAN?

We’re celebrating pecans and if you made those cookies from yesterday, make them again and throw in some pecans.  Unlike chocolate covered raisins, pecans are used all over the place, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, you literally can put them with just about everything; sweet, savory, salty, go nuts! Literally!

At the risk of sounding redundant, eat well and holiday on my friends!