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Punch Drunk

I’m not referring to love.  It’s National Punch Day!  I’m also not referring to giving someone the old “what for,” but if you choose to go in that direction that’s your prerogative (see paragraph 4).  I am referring to the party drink that’s in a punch bowl, ingredients unknown, sometimes revolving and occasionally spiked.

Punch has a long tradition as does the punch bowl, which used to be considered a family heirloom.  Punch dates back to 17th century India and trade ships.  The word, punch, is borrowed from the Hindi word panch meaning five, for the five base ingredients – alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, and tea or spices.  The fruit and spices varied depending on where ships were docked.  Since you were a pirate yesterday, it only seems right to drink the drink of pirates today.  Celebrate with punch, punch, and more punch.  Drink well and…



IN THAT DIRECTION…  Sometimes people just deserve the old what for and it’s your job to give it to them.  That doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to press charges, so take it there in a back alley with a mask over your face (not that I’m condoning violence or telling you how to get away with it).  The punch dates back to the beginning of time, beginning with Cain and Able, although Adam may have thought about it after getting kicked out of the garden. The word punch is borrowed from the Hindi word panch meaning five, just like the five fingers used to make a fist.  Should you choose to celebrate today crossing folks off your “punch them in the face list” I suggest you don’t, at least not without a written waiver.


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Dirty. Stirred. Shaken. Neat.

Enjoy today’s holiday neat, dirty, stirred or shaken. Pour a drink and celebrate National Martini Day! This is a mature cocktails drink that oozes sophistication and class. Channel your inner James or Jane Bond and sip a classic gin martini.  The history of this drink is as cloudy as it is dirty, but it’s clearly sticking around.   With it’s “-tini” name being bootlegged by sweeter drinks this classic is no doubt the grandfather of the cocktail hour.  Celebrate today by making the martini of your choice and hosting a martini hour.  Start with the original and try it every way you can; dirty, neat, stirred, and shaken. Celebrate with friends, split the tab, be responsible and…


Lap It Up!

There is absolutely no reason to be dehydrated today.    It’s National Beverage Day!   If you celebrated Cinco de Mayo with más libations yesterday, you should probably celebrate today with más aqua or some strong coffee.  If you didn’t celebrate, NPR reported bottles of Bombay Sapphire are on the shelves that were accidentally bottled with 154 proof ethanol.  Although this is safe to drink, it may not feel too good as a shot. You should probably mix it–WELL!  But, if you get your hands on one of these babies, it will definitely catch you up.  Don’t’ go overboard, you can still die from alcohol poisoning!


For those of you who only shoot straight!  Beverage day celebrates all beverages.  It doesn’t discriminate based on origin or ingredients.  So indulge in your juices, sodas, flavored water, fizzy drink, smoothies, hot beverage, cold beverage, beverages with shrimp in them, beverages without shrimp in them, protein beverages, beverages that are purple, beverages that are all colors, really there is no bev that doesn’t count.   So drink up and…