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Grilling is cheating

In my experience, most men have at least one dish they can cook without burning the house down.  Today is a great day to have the man of the house prove it.  It’s National Men Make Dinner Day!  If you’re a man who lives alone or already makes dinner daily, this isn’t really your holiday.  You can take a break and celebrate Go Look for Circles Day.  If you aren’t the regular cook, apron up.  It’s your turn to burn (not literally, of course).  While there are plenty of professional male cooks, the average everyday guy isn’t known for throwin’ down in the kitchen.  Grilling is cheating, but using a recipe isn’t.  Get in the kitchen, find the post, pans, and seasonings, then prepare to throw down.  Pull up Youtube, find a website, or open a good old fashion cookbook, follow directions, get dinner going and…


A Moment on the lips…

Most of us already do, but it’s Eat What You Want Day!  Generally, when we hear, “eat what you want,” for most of us, our thoughts go straight to a decadent dessert.  I always want ice cream!  But, lately (for about two weeks) I’ve been on my P’s and Q’s and haven’t indulged in that sweet, creamy, cold, goodness; and then today comes.  Heaven, help me.

Really, today is dedicated to doing away with calorie counting and diet lists, so, we can deliberately have 1 day out of 365 dedicated to enjoying the nourishment or non-nourishment of our dreams.   So, feel free to indulge, but avoid over indulging.  Stay in the “satisfied” zone, not the “I’ll just take these pants off” zone.  While diet lists are off the table today, I suggest leaving the allergy lists on.  Anaphylactic shock is never sexy.

appetite-1238250_640Now travel with me to another land and imagine for a minute that what you really want is a nice stalk of broccoli.  You’re fantasizing about the various ways to prepare it, steamed, boiled, fresh.  The crisp stalk between your fingers is smooth and sturdy.  The water on the stove is bubbling in a soft applause. “You chose broccoli,” it whispers.  The flowery head pierces the water as you lower it down and the soft aroma of broccoli, with a tad of butter and salt, rises in the air.     You inhale and exhale, the moisture already forming in your mouth.  Your broccoli is almost ready.  You rush to retrieve a plate, anxious for the perfectly prepared satisfying morsel.  

Are you feeling me?  If not, well, at least I tried.

As I mentioned earlier, I always want ice cream, but I refuse to let it get the better of me today.  I’m going to celebrate by cracking open a shellfish.  You eat what you want and…



Onion’s Cousin

Today we celebrate a relative of the onion and the chive.  It’s Garlic Day!  This vegetable, known for its flavor and holistic healing powers is a compliment to most culinary delights.   Its medicinal super powers include fighting off colds and flu, lowering plaque build up in arteries, reducing cholesterol, fungal and yeast infections, blood pressure, and decreasing clot formation.

Now, not to bring up the darkness, but it must be mentioned that garlic also wards off evil spirits and vampires.  I’ve never tested this theory, but it can definitely put a damper on a good-night kiss.  You should find out who your true friends are and celebrate today with a Garlic-themed Potluck dinner. Will they bring a dish or just their appetite? Are they down for you or just your blood type? Eat well, be well, and…