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cousinsairToday we are celebrating your mamma’s brother/sister’s kids and their kids and their kids, kids. It’s Cousin’s Day!!!   First, second, third, once, twice removed, they all count, except your play cousins.  Okay, you can count them too.

I have the best cousin’s on Earth, well, at least a few of the best cousins on Earth (you know who you are).  If you don’t love hanging out with your cousin’s I feel sad for you. With over 30 first cousins and 70 second cousins our family reunions don’t just get large, they get live! I have some of the best, stupidest, grossest most loving cousin’s ever made. If I could, I would celebrate with them all!!!!   However, getting us all in one place is a chore and I can’t remember the last time it actually happened.  If it ever does, you better watch out! Shout out to the #BFC Crew.

cousinsBFCOf course, your cousin gathering won’t be as awesome as mine, but you should definitely celebrate today with a Cousin’s Day activity and if you’re in West Virgina bring your father/cousin/brother. Have fun and…






Drive by or Bum rush, Surprise!

Families aren’t like pumpkins.  You don’t get to shop around until you find the perfect one.  You basically get who you get, with the exception of your spouse and their bunch. That’s your choice.  As for the others, just thank God you have some and love them the best you can.  It’s Visit Your Relatives Day! A young girl tries to pull out a pumpkin

I actually feel like I celebrate this holiday every day.  My family is pretty close and I usually see at least two or three of them every week.  My sisters and I speak daily, sometimes multiple times in one day, even if it’s just so we can grunt together while one is having a BM or so the other can tell me about the newest candy on the market.  I also have a huge extended family and it’s always someone’s birthday, a holiday, game, ceremony, whatever, and we support our own, so Visit Your Relatives Day is my life!  For example, this weekend, there are four birthday parties for five people and I’ll be at 2 of them.  Last weekend, there was a graduation and a million mother’s to celebrate.  I spent 15 hours in a car to attend a graduation and celebrated with two mothers (yes, one was mine).  The weekend before that was a weekend birthday celebration, out of town, with six family members.  You see, today really is my life.  Not that I’m complaining.  I love them all, even the stupid,  annoying, high strung ones.

So, it’s obvious how you’re supposed to celebrate today.  If you are hesitant because your family is crazy, a little dangerous, too far, too close, in jail, in an asylum, foaming at the mouth, having a personal summer,  too nosey, may steal,  owes you money, may move in, or kidnap you, just remember it could be worse.   So, tighten your suspenders and take my advice, carry Vicodin, pepper spray, a map, set an alarm for a fake emergency phone call, take your ID, wear a bra without underwire, take baby wipes, a hand fan and an extra blanket, use your imagination, hide your jewelry,  leave an invoice, turn off your water from the main line and tell them you don’t have indoor plumbing, or meet up in a public crowded place that closes.  I’ve been through it all, have fun and….


S-A-D Day. Words with Friends Anyone?

It’s Scrabble Day.  Celebrated by millions, this game was invented in 1938 by Alfred Mosher Butts and is so popular it’s sold in 121 countries and 29 languages.  Scrabble has its own association and annual tournament.  This year’s North American Scrabble Championship will be held July 22-26, in New Orleans.   If you’re interested, registration is still open!

escorted cryI must admit the seemingly innocent, jumbled pile of Scrabble letters taunt me. When I see those 1″x 1″ inch, lettered, wood tiles my heart is filled with a pitiful longing. They are a sad reminder of the days I when was escorted from the family game night table for fear that my greatest number of points would never exceed ten.   To them, I wasn’t worth the turn, the time, the letters.  I knew I was smart.  Still,  my mother, father, and sister banished me to the T.V. room, while they giggled and had intense battles over word challenges.

“Grab the Scrabble dictionary!” I’d hear them shout, bickering and laughing with each other,  while my ear was pressed against the game room door, which they always shut. 

I couldn’t even see the game.  I’d whisper words like, “muzjiks” to myself.  The kind of word I’d try to play if trapped with a Z and a J, should I ever be invited to join the word war on the other side of the door.   I’d listen and whimper, like a dog asking to be released from her crate, while whatever Disney movie they popped in the VHS drowned out my tears.  At least, that’s what I pretended.  Surely, they couldn’t hear me. Surely, they weren’t ignoring my cries.

It wouldn’t be until decades later that I’d have the opportunity to redeem my self-esteem and prove my word-smith potential.  Enter Words with Friends.  Finally, a chance to play! Even though they weren’t really my friends, these strangers didn’t judge me.  They accepted my literary slayings like worthy opponents.  Falling beneath my triple word  scores and sending messages about my spectacular unconventional words, like “caziques.” I was finally a conqueror. I was finally invited to the table.  

A bittersweet pill to swallow since my Dad passed a few years before the gratifying app. In my heart, he plays with me.  Finally noticing me, just like my mother and sister, finally saying, “Here, you can shake the bag.”happy cry

When you celebrate Scrabble Day today, remember that it is a game and all should be invited to the table.  Sometimes, it’s not about the words, it’s about the fellowship!

H-O-L-I-D-A-Y  O-N  M-Y  F-R-I-E-N-D-S!