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What’s on that Stick?

Hey!  It’s Something on a Stick Day and I’m most certainly sure this holiday is only referring to food and not whatever is stuck up your neighbor’s backside.

I’ve attended my share of carnivals and fairs, and I’ve learned that almost anythnastyonasticking can go on a stick.  This is in no way my recommendation that you eat everything that comes on  stick.  However, I do suggest you celebrate today by trying something new on a stick.  Again, only referring to food. I’ve been wanting to try deep fried twinkies.  I think that will be my adventure for the day.

You may also choose to celebrate by hosting a dinner party featuring little meals on sticks.  I found a few links on the internet with some very creative ideas.  The clam bake on a stick is my favorite.

I thought of throwing an impromptu “Food on a Stick” dinner party this evening, then I thought ordering a pizza and putting the slices on skewers would be cheating.  But, if you’re not a food on a stick Nazi, dinner is at 6 p.m. (bring a pizza).

Have fun and holiday on my friends!

A few links I found on the internet with some very creative ideas

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