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Parents Morning Off…

Invented in Germany, so parents could get a break from their kids under the guise of early education, today we celebrate the brainchild of  Friedrich Froebel.  It’s Kindergarten Day! 

If you take a look at my first day of school photos, I watheater_masks_by_imawatchu-d568z9ns really excited standing in front of my house, but if you put that picture next to the picture taken of me in front of the school, they look like a pair of drama masks.   I don’t remember that traumatic day.  What I do remember about Kindercare is a girl named Elizabeth, who was my friend and had very long, dark brown hair.  She was so nice that I’ve like people named Elizabeth ever since (with the exception of the lying snake at my previous job). I also remember my teacher Miss Sandy, who taught me the song, You Light Up My Life,” in sign language and I remember those plastic white cots we used to unstack for nap time. In spite of the drama masks, in the end, all went well, and school, for me, was a lot of fun. Still, if I had the option, I’m sure I’d choose kindergarten over adulting at least three times a week. Therefore…

princess-310230_640Hear ye, Hear ye!  

I  henceforth from this moment until the twenty-third and fifty-ninth hour declare it the day of Kindergarten-ing!  On this day, all adulting is henceforth suspended at will for moments of Kindergarten-ing. Kindergarten-ing shall consist of randomly reciting the alphabet, counting to one-hundred, and singing silly songs til your heart’s content.   Permission is also given to stop, drop, and color whenever such activities are desired to be done.  Should ye feel inclined ye may cut up sheets of paper and make mosaics of your name, practice writing legibly in cursive, and brush up on your puzzle skills.  Click ye here to link to PBSKids where ye shall roam freely reliving the days of your long gone youth.  Should ye be questioned while Kindergarten-ing, direct the fools to this site of the web, that they may understand and leave ye be in peace or join the celebration.  Play well and…





Pushing up Daisies!

Before you lay down to sleep, you should read this.

Today’s holiday gives new meaning to the phrase “Going Out with a Bang!”  It is Plan Your Epitaph Day!  It may sound morbid, but I assure you, it’s hilarious!  Now, I’m not talking Puerto Rican funeral funny, but close.  PRfuneralMost people go with the typical, name, “sunrise/sunset” dates, and a short sweet phrase.  Usually, for obvious reasons, our family decides what goes on our headstones.  But, today is the day we plan our epitaphs and write our own last words.

Before I tell you what I’m considering for my own stone, I want to highlight some of the most clever and fantastic headstones EVER!!!!!!

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“There she goes!”



“She’s Funny That Way”

What do you get in New Jersey when you cross a Palestinian, Muslim woman with Cerebral Palsy?

It’s National “She’s Funny That Way” Day and we are celebrating female comedians!

For those of you who don’t know, let me introduce Maysoon Zayid.  I heard her on the radio this past Sunday and she was hilarious!  I truly encourage you to listen to the entire video.  She was giving an interview on NPR radio and I couldn’t stop laughing.

whoopi frontMy favorite female comedian is Whoopi Goldberg, so, shout out to Whoopi!  She is so funny, humble, witty, and unapologetically her imperfect self.  You don’t have to agree, but I love almost everything about Whoopi!   I also want to celebrate historians like Jackie “Moms” Mabley, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, and Lucille Ball.  There are so many female comedians who have broken barriers, crossed boundaries and transformed the standards of comedy.  I love to laugh, so I’m all for having a comedy night party to celebrate our queens of laughter.

Today, I encourage you to look for new, not necessarily young, but, new comedians.  Search for those who haven’t made it mainstream, but those who are still working and most importantly are funny!  Laughter is a great gift and being able to use humor to create change is even better. To me, comedy is like music, laughter, like music, can reach anyone and open our minds to embrace different points of view.  Sure there are different types of humor, but I’ve never met anyone who said, “I hate to laugh.”  Well, I saw this one interview that claimed Kim Kardashian said she was scared of creating permanent laugh lines on her face.  I don’t know if it is true.  I didn’t do any research because I thought true or false, it’s stupid and her issue.   Look, there’s Botox and also, who cares.

Take a risk, have a laugh, and HOLIDAY ON MY FRIENDS!! 

What Queens of  Laughter do you want to recognize today?  

Let me know in the comments below.

Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart

One of the best things about celebrating the unusual holidays throughout the year is you never know what you’re gonna get.  This is an exciting journey of discovery!  Today is Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day!

Country songs are known for telling the most interesting stories about love and loss, but it wasn’t until today, I learned about the quirkiest song titles I’ve ever heard.

Some of the ones that made me giggle are – My Give a Damn is Busted, Dropkick Me Jesus,  You’re the Reason our Kids are Ugly, and She Only Bitches When She Breathes.  

I may have to save a country station to my car playlist after today!

Listen up and holiday on my friends!

Send me a quirky country song.