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Buttons, Glue, and Feathers

Be a preschooler for a day and celebrate National Make Your Own Hat Day!  Get creative with buttons, glue, feathers and whatever office supplies you can find.  Spend the day making a hat using paperclips and rubber bands.  It’s Friday.  Don’t worry about what your cubicle neighbors are doing.  Concentrate on your masterpiece and wow the world. On a more patriotic note, it’s also National POW/MIA Recognition Day. Be sentimental and make a hat to honor someone you love, admire or miss.



Betcha Hat

rain-1700515_1280If you are anywhere near where I am, you can understand why it’s Rain Day! It’s raining, it’s pouring and somewhere someone has lost a hat.

How bummed would you be if it rained every year on your birthday? Well, in 1874 a local farmer in Waynesburg, PA was bummed enough to casually mention it to a local drug store owner, William Allison, that it rained every year on his birthday.  Mr. Allison intrigued by the accurate weather predictions began taking bets with customers over the possibility of precipitation every July 29th.  His prize of choice was a hat.   The tradition carried on and according to the Rain Day Festival website, rain is in the lead 142 to 114.  If you poke around the website, you can see the “celebrities” who have lost their hat, including the Three Stooges and the current POTUS (we all know he’s a betting man).

If today is your birthday and it’s raining, there is already a celebration in your honor in Waynesburg, PA.  If you’re not in the area you can celebrate by having a Rain Day Pagent, a hat making contest, and birthday cake.  If it isn’t your birthday, you can still celebrate just make it a regular cake.  Have fun and…