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sphynx-814164_1920If you’re almost there and you know it, today may be the day to go all the way.  It’s Bald is Beautiful Day!  I assume this holiday is strictly pertaining to the hair on top of your head.  Both men and women are at risk of falling into the balding bucket, so this is a unisex holiday.  Look in the mirror and don’t shy away from the truth.  Are you balding? Are you bald?  Whether by choice or by nature, if you’re in the club, we salute you.  If you cry at Rogaine commercials and from time to time run your fingers through your phantom hair, this is your holiday. Your bald is beautiful and currently in fashion.  Hair is a thing of the past and you’re embracing now. Whatever you do give the baseball caps, toupees, and comb-overs a break today. If you’re supporting the cause, celebrate by rubbing a bald head (with permission, of course). If you’re almost there, celebrate by joining the bald club.  If you’re already in, celebrate by letting your bald shine. You’re bald and you’re beautiful.  Get your bald on and…



Roll with it!

I don’t know who sponsored today’s holiday, but I highly suggest you don’t literally celebrate.  It’s National Beheading Day!  Don’t blame the messenger, but it’s pretty interesting that beheading has earned a holiday, however it used to be popular and a method of federal execution.    Should we bring this back?  It would cost a lot less than the electric chair and lethal injection and it’s sure to work the first time.  Just a thought.

Just for clarification – I don’t condone beheading innocent people or animals.

Anyhow, celebrate today with a Bloody Mary, red velvet cake, and maybe go bobbing for apples. And, should you decide to celebrate literally, remember as I paraphrase Alice in Wonderland,  “heads don’t roll like they used to, they just plop on the ground and sit there.”