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Hunk a hunka

You either think he’s left the building or running game on a shuffle board in Miami, it’s Elvis Memorial Day!  I must admit, I don’t know much about his music or film career. He died before I was born and had reached the height of his career even earlier than that.  But, I do understand the level of dedication his fans have for his legacy.  He’s like the Beetles, Michael Jackson, Prince, Tupac, and Biggie (depending on your era).  All were greats in their own right, died too young and, with the exceptions of the Beetles, true fans are on the fence about whether or not they’ve actually left the building or took that magic potion from Death Becomes Her.

If you think he’s still in the building, celebrate today by going on a hunting mission to find Elvis.  If you think he lives on, only in memory, enjoy this evening planning a trip to Graceland and host an Elvis themed dinner party.  If you don’t know much about Elvis, today is a great day to discover his music, films, and fashion. Uh huh, uh huh and…


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BigDaddy3Big Daddy Kane said it best, Ain’t No Half Steppin, so throw in all the chips.  It’s All or Nothing Day!  Why are you hesitating? Whatever idea you’ve been toying with, wherever you have been faking you’re going, today is the day to jump in with both feet. Work up the guts, spread your wings and go for broke.   You only live once, you’re going to die anyway, and who cares what everyone else is doing?  Get married, start a business, write a book, and travel everywhere.  Do it and do it all with no apologies.  Just don’t be the dud, who starts and stops.  Second place is just the first loser, thinking about going is not just like being there and only doing is doing.  Don’t be afraid of failing because everyone does at some point.  When you go for broke, you give it your all and end knowing that no matter what you couldn’t have done it any other way.  Do you, do life and do it all or nothing!  Have fun and …




G-maws, Tee-tee’s, Manny’s…

Trusting your precious little bundle of extra skin to someone can be stressful.  I understand.  So, today we celebrate finding the right one!  It’s Child Care Provider Day and although it may feel like they’re raping you for your paycheck, a perfect fit can be hard to find.  So, pay out the whazoo with pride!

Personally, if we don’t have DNA in common, I don’t really want to entrust my little bundle to you and depending on the percentage of DNA, I still may look at you sideways! So, celebrate today by throwing in a gift card, spa treatment, or giving your child care provider the day off and watching your own kid.  You could also pick-up the little whippersnapper early or on time for once.  Find your own way to celebrate, but showing appreciation for the person who spends more daylight hours with your child than you, should be on your list of things to do today.

If you’re a mom or dad that likes to party, chances are you have an evening sitter on call as well.  If they are missing fun, so you can have some, they count.  So, toss a carrot their way and don’t forget the G-maws, Tee-tees, mannies, Sugars, au pairs, etcetera.  Have fun and…


(Sometimes I forget I don’t have children, but I have nieces and nephews and it’s the same thing.)

nurse, Nurse, NURSE!

In case a 5 foot, annoying, little nurse hasn’t reminded you yet, It’s Nurses Week!  Today is especially dedicated to the School Nurse, but since I’m not posting about nurses all week, let’s give a big hip hip hooray for them all.

When you’re in the hospital, you see the nurses more than your doctors, so if there was someone you’d want to tip, it’s be them.  Nurses come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities, and genders.  All nurses matter.  Even the ones who sit in cushy offices and monitor other nurses.  They still went to school and probably did real nurse work before they got the cushy little office where they paper push and talk on the phone.

I know all nurses don’t put their best foot forward all the time, but since we’re celebrating, I’m not going to mention those that obviously flunked bedside manner, sensitivity, and basic human kindness.   Let’s focus on those who know what you need before you do, check behind the doctors, and advocate on your behalf.  Thank you to the home nurses, who don’t abuse their patients. Thank you to the school nurses who let you lay down when you’re cramping like a MF.  And, thank you to the nurse practitioners who help me when my doctor is overbooked.


My Public Announcement: Nurses work hard long hours, whether they’re in your house or the hospital.  I doubt anyone goes into nursing  with intentions to do a horrible job and make a patient’s life unpleasant.  That being said, just like many people, nurses work long hours, deal with a variety of personalities, are on their feet a lot and have one of the most humbling and stressful customer service jobs ever.  The next time you’re a patient, have patience and Thank your nurse.   Be well and…



The 3 R’s

If you can read this post, your e-mail or anything longer than your name you should probably thank a teacher.  It’s National Teacher’s Day!  Whether or not you enjoyed reading, writing, and arithmetic; did well, or flunked, a teacher put up with you, probably for less pay than they deserved and with more enthusiasm than you deserved.

If you went to grad school, college, or barely made it out of high school, there is a teacher who helped, whether they challenged you or passed you, so you could be someone else’s problem.  If you’re living above the poverty line with a seven-figure salary, you owe someone roses, probably your math, science, or English teacher.    If you’re living below the poverty line, but know how to flip that money 3 ways and feed a family of 8 on $20 a week, that’s math and home economics.  You’re welcome.  If you’re blue-collar and can MacGyver your way out of an oil change with tube socks and a glow stick, you’re a vocational prodigy.  Say, thank  you.

apple-158419_640If it isn’t obvious, you should celebrate today by thanking a teacher.  Call a favorite from your past or freak out a complete stranger.  The truth is there are more good teachers than not so good teachers.  Most dig in their own pockets to make learning fun and spend more time planning lessons than their life.   Whatever the subject, today is the day to honor those who went to school to school you.

On a side note, it’s nice to say, “The world is full of teachers” and then justify celebrating the person who showed you how to fart with your armpit.  Today isn’t about them.  It’s strictly for those with certifications, degrees, and student loans to prove their passion is helping you achieve yours.  Thank a teacher and…


Thank you Ms. Smithers, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. McKinley, Ms. Sandy, Mrs. Lincoln, Ms. Vance, and all the others who challenged me whether I enjoyed it or not.

Lap It Up!

There is absolutely no reason to be dehydrated today.    It’s National Beverage Day!   If you celebrated Cinco de Mayo with más libations yesterday, you should probably celebrate today with más aqua or some strong coffee.  If you didn’t celebrate, NPR reported bottles of Bombay Sapphire are on the shelves that were accidentally bottled with 154 proof ethanol.  Although this is safe to drink, it may not feel too good as a shot. You should probably mix it–WELL!  But, if you get your hands on one of these babies, it will definitely catch you up.  Don’t’ go overboard, you can still die from alcohol poisoning!


For those of you who only shoot straight!  Beverage day celebrates all beverages.  It doesn’t discriminate based on origin or ingredients.  So indulge in your juices, sodas, flavored water, fizzy drink, smoothies, hot beverage, cold beverage, beverages with shrimp in them, beverages without shrimp in them, protein beverages, beverages that are purple, beverages that are all colors, really there is no bev that doesn’t count.   So drink up and…



Don’t worry about your fly

You won’t need these today.  It’s International No Pants Day, or Trousers (depending on where you live)!   Why drop your pants? Well, according to my source, it started off as a senior prank at the University of Texas and eventually gained momentum from there.  It is celebrated everywhere from London to Finland, including France, Sweden, Australia, and Canada.  Why join the crowd? I guess just good old fashion fun and it challenges you not to take yourself or others too seriously.
underpants-54117_1280Now, if you’re going to play, don’t cheat by wearing a kilt, skirt, shorts, capris, or any other item of clothing beyond underwear below the waist.  I also don’t think it counts if you celebrate by lounging in your knickers at home on the couch.  If that were the case, I celebrate No Pants Day, every day.  So if you’re down for a little adventure, celebrate today sans pants.  I wouldn’t suggest trying this at work unless you own the joint and don’t subscribe to the no sexual harassment policy or should I say law.  I’m not sure celebrating this holiday will hold up in court as a defense.   It’s definitely not a congressional holiday, although we know politicians have removed their trousers at work.  Anyhow, I digress.  It’s No Pants Day.  I imagine your socks should probably be stunning! Have fun, strut around in your knickers and…


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Holiday Celebrate we must.

It’s International Star Wars Day!    I’m not a huge Sci-fi buff, but I dated a guy who was and that kinda sorta got me into them.  By kinda sort into them, I mean I had a nice collection of light sabers and would invite people to come play Star Wars with me, whether it was a regular day or a first date.  It was kind of my way to test their imagination and childlike wonder.  This fact would probably be more adorable if I hadn’t been in my mid 20’s at the time.  It could only have gotten weirder if I had costumes.  No, I didn’t have costumes!

You should celebrate today, by watching all of the Star Wars (yes, I said all), but I recommend a very specific order.  First watch the original 3, then watch the remastered versions of the original three.  Then, watch the rest of the films in the order of their release date.  Don’t skip the original 3! Have fun, HOLIDAY ON, and…

May the Fourth Be With You!


Will it go away?

Take today literally, metaphorically or both, it’s Lumpy Rug Day!


It’s Spring!  Unless you bought it that way, a lumpy rug may mean it’s time to do a little Spring cleaning or replacing.   If under the rug is where you continuously sweep your dirt until you forget about it and a lump is the only thing left to remind you, you’re nasty. Whip out the Rug Doctor, shampoo, cleaning tools, and get busy until that damn spot comes out.  You might also try trimming those bumps and stragglers that have accumulated over the years.  If your carpet doesn’t look like new after some TLC it may be time to upgrade for a less lumpy rug.

lumpy rug


It’s Spring!  Unless you’d like to drive yourself or someone else crazy with bottled up emotions, unpack your stuff.  If you’re habitually passive aggressive or worse sweep all your junk under the rug, today is the day to do a little Spring cleaning.  Spill your guts to your friends, family, mate, your pet or the person in the mirror.  It’s time to clean the mess that’s blocking your blessings and vision.  You might also try trimming those bumps and stragglers that have accumulated over the years.  If they are real, they can handle everything about you, if they aren’t, it may be time to upgrade to a circle that will cause fewer lumps under your rug.

lumpy rug move

Babies, babies, babies!

Since I have baby fever and a very real yearning to give my nephew a cousin, today I’m celebrating Baby Day!  Rather than tributing truffles, that look like herpes and smell like feet or downing a box of chocolate truffles with more calories and sugar than I’m allowed to have, I’d rather reach out and grab a squishy, little, soft bundle of baby. Celebrate today by either making or playing with a baby, your choice.   Have loads of fun and…