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You probably know a few blatherskites, if they cross your path today, join in. It’s National Babble Day! Babble, babble, babble to yourself, babble to others, babble by a babbling brook.   All you have to do to celebrate is talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited, or incomprehensible way.  Some of you celebrate every day and don’t know it, but maybe you have a friend or coworker who is reading this post right now and thinking of you.

When I think of babbling, I immediately think of the Tower of Babel.  (It’s in the Bible, read it for yourself.) Some people think they have all the answers. The leaders of most countries know they have all the answers. Well, pride comes before the fall, but maybe peace comes before pride. I’m sure the Garden of Eden was peaceful. Just something to think about as we strive for world peace. Everything has its purpose, right? Babble and…


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Mash ’em

This one is on the books in recognition of National Brest Cancer Awareness Month, President Bill Clinton declared, not on his watch, and dubbed today National Mammography Day! 

If you’ve never had one and you’re scared, don’t be.  I’m a regular and they aren’t too bad at all. It’s a little uncomfortable, less invasive than a PAP, but nothing like a massage.  Think of it as a boob sandwich that can save your life.  I think the recommended age to start is 50.  I’m not fifty, no where near 50, but my mom had breast cancer in her 30’s, so I started early.  Be proactive and learn your family history.  Feel ’em on a regular, mash’em once a year, and…



Go over the top or stay home.  It’s National Gaudy Day!  Wear your brightest, cheapest, and most importantly biggest, hat, hair, jewelry, and furs.  If you’re not flaunting it, you’re not celebrating.  Today’s holiday is brought to us by the hit 70’s show Three’s Company.  Larry Dallas (played by Richard Kline) mentioned National Gaudy Day in an episode and unlike the show, it stuck. So, channel your inner Zsa Zsa and…




Words, words, words, what do they really mean? I’m not being deep.  It’s National Dictionary Day! You don’t know all the words.  You probably don’t use all those you do know correctly.  Celebrate today by polishing your skills. You may choose to indulge in a word battle like Scrabble, Scatagories, or a conversation with rapper Desiigner.  Challenge yourself today and use big words, great words, huge words.  Word up and…




Open Your Eyes

Today’s holiday bears the signature of President Lyndon B. Johnson and has been on the books since 1964.  It’s White Cane Safety Day! White Cane isn’t a new brand of heroin. It’s an actual cane, the cane carried by many who are blind.  It’s visible to motorists and helps the blind get around by sensing obstructions. Celebrating today by playing Blind Man’s Bluff may be in poor taste. Learning more about your eye health is more productive.

I’m 20/20 and I’m proud.  However, being a diabetic, I know I have to maintain my health in order to maintain my eye health.  So, when you schedule your next physical, schedule your next eye exam as well.  Staying informed of your eye health is the same as being informed about your health, health.  Being born blind is out of your control.  Going blind may not be.  Take today to learn how your eyes can help you see more than what’s in front of you. Open your eyes, call your optometrist, and…


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Fake Sweet

Move your belt back a bit and get ready to celebrate National Dessert Day!  Of all the days dedicated to celebrating food, I know this is someone’s favorite. Dessert can be anything from fruit to the most ooey gooey caramelly.  Celebrate responsibly.  If you’re diabetic or one cheesecake shy of death, you should be celebrating on the fruit end of the spectrum.

I’m placing myself somewhere between fruit and a sugar-free no bake cookie.  Yum! There’s nothing better than a fake sweet cake.  Pour out a sundae for me and…





Brain Fart

Trivias, puzzles, reading; it’s time to release that fart from your brain and celebrate National Train Your Brain Day!  Turn off the idiot box and nix vegging out off your list of things to do today.  When was the last time you visited that place with all the free books? When was the last time you used one of those over-sized sheets of paper with all the writing on it for something besides, swatting insects, cleaning windows, or protecting your table? Celebrate today by exercising your grey matter muscles.  While I enjoy reading, other activities are not on my list of fun things to do, but for the good of the order Sudoku and…