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As I sat down to pay my bills this evening, I realized, I forgot to mention that today is Bank Transfer Day! Contrary to common practice, we are not celebrating robing Peter to pay Paul, by transferring your credit card balance from one card to the next.  Although, if you are trying to reduce your debt, transferring your credit balance to a card with less interest is a good way to go. I caution you that most cards have transfer balance fees and sometimes the fee is so high you should just leave things where they are and pay your bill.  If you’ve been a good customer, you may be able to convince the bank to lower your interest rate.  I’m not a certified financial planner, so back to today’s holiday.

In 2011, Kristen Christian started a campaign urging people to transfer their banking business from “Big Banks” to Credit Unions. Her protest was ignited by the growing amount of maintenance fees being charged by “Big Banks.”  Credit Unions have plenty of benefits, however, Credit Unions are like exclusive clubs you can only join based on where you work, live, and the associations with which you’re affiliated. If you have a family member that loves you or a friend that likes you a lot, they can open an account for you. Celebrate today by examining your banking relationship.  If it’s time for you to take your business elsewhere, find the Credit Union best for you, move your money, and…




You should be able to celebrate today without thinking!  It’s National Use Your Common Sense Day!   Why today? Well, it may not be common knowledge, but today is the birthday of film actor Will Rogers, who commonly said, “Common sense ain’t that common.” I’m sure we all know someone who couldn’t celebrate today even if they studied in advance, which, they should have been doing.  You don’t have to be a genius to celebrate, you just have to be common.  Live a common life and have common experiences.  I say we rename today, “Don’t Do Anything Dumb Day.”  Spend today exercising sound practical judgment that doesn’t require any special knowledge, training or skill. I like how Dictionary.com says, “…normal native intelligence.”  I guess that depends on what you’re native to.  Celebrating should come naturally, but if you see someone giving you the side-eye today, you’re probably not celebrating. Have fun and…



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Grilling is cheating

In my experience, most men have at least one dish they can cook without burning the house down.  Today is a great day to have the man of the house prove it.  It’s National Men Make Dinner Day!  If you’re a man who lives alone or already makes dinner daily, this isn’t really your holiday.  You can take a break and celebrate Go Look for Circles Day.  If you aren’t the regular cook, apron up.  It’s your turn to burn (not literally, of course).  While there are plenty of professional male cooks, the average everyday guy isn’t known for throwin’ down in the kitchen.  Grilling is cheating, but using a recipe isn’t.  Get in the kitchen, find the post, pans, and seasonings, then prepare to throw down.  Pull up Youtube, find a website, or open a good old fashion cookbook, follow directions, get dinner going and…


100 Ways

Today we celebrate the liquid that does it all! Not water. Not pee. It’s National Vinegar Day! Whether seasoning your food, cleaning your pet, or making an ink pen, there’s a vinegar for that. It comes in almost as many flavors as it has uses; white, apple, red wine, mango, and more.  With literally 100 uses you can celebrate today a hundred different ways. So choose the vinegar that fits your crime and…


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I know what you’re going to do next summer

It’s All Hallows Eve, but more importantly, it’s National Increase Your Psychic Powers Day!  If you’re not Miss Cleo, it’s time to brush up on your card reading skills.  To be honest, I’m not going to spend a lot of time here.  I’ve looked at a couple websites and I don’t want to accidentally unlock anything.  The Holy Ghost lives in me and surrounds me, period. So, if you want to celebrate by trying to increase your psychic powers, I suggest you Google it, like I did, and click on a link that resonates with you.  If you’re like me and too scary or saved to even think about celebrating today, I suggest you gather with friends carving pumpkins and telling knock-knock jokes.  In my glance, I did learn that meditating, remembering, and examining your dreams are key components to increase your psychic awareness.  So, remember to go to bed on time, meditate until you fall asleep, write down your vivid dream, and if you do become a psychic, hook a sista up with some good news.





Happy candy, it’s National Candy Corn Day! This treat ranks right around the same bar as Easter Peeps.  Either you like them or hate them. I like them, but only the originals. It wasn’t until recently I found out there were so many other flavors. Although I like purple, I’m giving purple candy corn the side-eye.  Celebrate today by enjoying the candy of the season.  If you’re on the hate them side, don’t eat them, play with them.  Use them as poker chips and play cards or create some lovely candy corn art and display a gallery of originals for the Fall season.  Get corny and…



Celebrate alone. It’s National Hermit Day! For some people being alone is hard. I’m in this boat. Well, kind of.  I enjoy being alone sometimes. My favorite type of alone is when I’m by myself, but there are others in the building. That way, when I need a moment of connection/attention, I have someone else to bug for a minute, before going back to doing my own thing.  Kind of like a Jolt, without the caffeine. There are plenty of fantastic productive reasons to enjoy some alone time. There are also plenty of ways to waste time being alone.  Celebrate today alone because that is the point, but make it a productive alone time.  Clear your mind, paint a mural, clean your house, find yourself, or catch up on your chanting.   Enjoy yourself, make sure you still like you, and…


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Time, Talents, Treasurers

It’s Saturday and most of us usually spend today thinking about ourselves or our children.  What can I cross off my “To Do” list today?  What do I need to do for the children; games, school projects, etc? How can I relax today? It’s Make a Difference Day, so think outside yourself.  What can you do for your community?

Make a Difference Day began in 1990 and, per USA Today, was birthed when a Leap Day fell on a Saturday and a group of people decided to help others with their extra day.  What can you do to help your community? Think deeper than excusing yourself from the room before you pass gas. Many community-based organizations thrive on volunteer support.  Celebrate today by spending your time, talents, and treasures helping others. Connect with an organization in your neighboorhood, make a difference and…



For all the monster fans, it’s Frankenstein Friday! Considered one of the earliest science-fiction novels, the story of Frankenstein’s monster made a huge impact on literature.  FYI – Frankenstein wasn’t the monster, or was he? It really depends on your interpretation.  Today’s holiday was created by super-fan Ron Mac Closkey. The obvious way to celebrate is to have a Frankenstein themed party, watch one of the movies, mini-series and cartoons dedicated to Frankenstein, or actually read the novel.

I’m inspired by my cousin’s Facebook page to celebrate by letting loose all the monster pics from back in the day. #FlashbackFriday. So, I say, be innovative and find creative ways to unleash the beast! Let the monsters out and…




Stubborn as

Jack and Mare walk into a bar.  A few beers later and you have National Mule Day! We’re not celebrating your stubborn spouse. We’re celebrating the first mules brought to American from Spain. A mule is the offspring of a male donkey (a jack) and a female horse (a mare).  Two different species with different amounts of chromosomes getting it on.  This takes dating outside your race to an entirely new level. If it’s the other way around, a jenny (female donkey) and a stallion (male horse), the off spring is a hinny (hopefully pronounced HENNY).  Although, it may be fun to shout, “Get off my HINNY!” Most mules are sterile and inherit the majority of their traits/characteristics, from their mother.  No wonder they are actually known for being hard workers, patient, hardy, long-lived, more intelligent, and less stubborn than donkeys.

I don’t know where the expression, “Stubborn as a mule” came about, but I’m sure a man was involved.  Today, when people try to drop some mule knowledge on you, correct them.  If they try insulting you with mule innuendos, say, “Thank you,” leave them guessing, and…