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Today’s holidays doesn’t mean what I thought it meant.

It’s National Ding-a-ling Day. Hold. For the purpose of today’s holiday Ding-a-ling refers to anyone who’s a crazy lunatic. It may be referring to you.  It’s not as if an actual lunatic waits for permission to be who they are. So, if you aren’t usually a ding-a-ling (I just had too), this is your opportunity to explore lunacy. In case your cuckoo aunt or drunk uncle aren’t around to give you pointers, the dictionary defines lunacy as a person whose actions and manner are marked by extreme eccentricity or recklessness. I nor this posted is responsible for any actions which may result in incarseration, lost relationships, and/or medical treatment. If you’re cool with the consequences, be a ding-a-ling and…


Mount Up

It’s International Mountain Day and thankfully you don’t celebrate by climbing mountains.  The United Nations observers today to appreciate the contributions of mountains.   Mountains make up a good portion of the Earth’s surface and are home to many people, plants, and animals.  Mountains are also a source of drinking water and other natural resources.  An increase in the world’s carbon footprint and climate change threaten the stability of mountains and the lives of billions of people who live in mountain ranges. So, before you skip that emissions check or toss that recyclable water bottle on the ground, think of how you’re killing the world and make a different choice.

You can use today’s holiday as an opportunity to get deep and liken the necessity of physical mountains to the metaphoric ones in your life.  Maybe the mountains of your life are adding valuable natural resources like resilience, faith, and tolerance to your character.  Either way, we have to deal with real and metaphoric mountains, so drink some water, mount up and…


Take it!?

It’s National Take it in the Ear Day and my brief research says nobody knows why or exactly what this holiday means.  This can really go left, especially if you’re R. Kelly.  Take it in the ear can mean anything from Wet Wiliys to well, R Kelly.  In an effort to cover all possible celebrations, I’ve decided to do a word associate with today’s holiday.  You decide for yourself what celebrating National Take it in the Ear Day means to you.  Take it and…



Pen it

In our world of emojis, acronyms, texts, tweets, and snaps, the art of writing has morphed into many things.  With the last few hours of your evening take time to celebrate simpler times. It’s Letter Writing Day!

Sure, the smart ass in you can write out the alphabet and claim you’ve celebrated, but unless you’re five years old or still learning the alphabet, you’re being a dumbass.  Break out the old pen and paper and write a letter with a date, greeting, body, and closing. Communicate as some of us once did in the 8th grade, with a handwritten note folded in such a way that it was its own envelope.  Surprise someone, you love, with a love note or someone, you hate, with a chain letter.  If you need help getting started, here are a few letters penned by the famous to inspire your heartfelt genius.  Pen it and…



All About You, Boo.

Walk a mile in  your shoes, it’s Put on Your Own Shoes Day!  No need to update social media about the real you.  Today can be a private celebration.  Celebrate by being you, your authentic self.  Look in the mirror and see who you are.

Self-evaluate and answer the tough questions.  Are you walking in your purpose? Are you nurturing your talents and exercising your gifts? If you’re stuck, lost, and don’t recognize the wasteful, mean, diminished, idiot you’ve become. Find, refocus, and embrace yourself. It’s not too late.  Break out the vision board (pen and paper will do) and press reset on your ambition.  It’s all about you, Boo. Chin up and…


Buy. Sell. Consume.

Just in time for the holidays, it’s time to celebrate Repeal Day! This has nothing to do with the  President, but it will drive you to drink. On this day in 1933, the 21st amendment trumped the 18th and the production and consumption of alcohol became legal once again.

Prior to the 18th amendment individual states choose whether they were a dry or wet state, a.k.a. approved the sale of alcohol or didn’t. The 18th amendment took that decision away from the states and gave it to the federal government, who stamped a big fat “ILLEGAL” sign on it.  A dry country we became, if you overlook the rise of mobs and gangs who saw this new law as an opportunity to make a lot of illegal money. 

The 21st amendment started putting mobs out of business and pushed them into harder other crimes, like gambling, stealing, and guns. Of course bootleg liquor wasn’t exactly drama or casualty free.  So, the question is, “Is marijuana the new liquor?” Celebrate by raising your glass and letting me know your thoughts. Drink. Be merry and…



Naughty or nice, he’ll find out.  It’s Santa’s List Day! Today can mean what you need it to mean.  If you’re a parent, today may be the day your children mail their Christmas  lists to Santa in hopes they are on the Nice side of things.  Today may be the day you mail Santa your behavior reports.   If you don’t have children and no longer subscribe to the fantasy of Santa, today can be the day you make out your holiday shopping list. Either way, today is the day to decide, who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Of course, sometimes, it’s nice to be naughty and naughty to be nice. I’ll let you work that out on your own.