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Babies, babies, babies!

Since I have baby fever and a very real yearning to give my nephew a cousin, today I’m celebrating Baby Day!  Rather than tributing truffles, that look like herpes and smell like feet or downing a box of chocolate truffles with more calories and sugar than I’m allowed to have, I’d rather reach out and grab a squishy, little, soft bundle of baby. Celebrate today by either making or playing with a baby, your choice.   Have loads of fun and…



Law and Flowers

It’s officially May 1st and today is an actual holiday, passed by Congress, not one made up by greeting card companies or a group with a sincere affinity for chocolate covered cashews. It’s Law Day!   Law Day was introduced by President Eisenhower in 1958 to remind Americans to honor the role of the Law in creating the United States.  Law Day was also a retaliation holiday against May Day, which, at the time, was seen by some Americans as a communist holiday.

soapbox3Papa Soap Box syas, “It’s very interesting that LAW DAY was created in the 50’s when so many rights were being violated.  And if you look at the protest that took place today, it’s obvious that there are still a lot of problems left to solve and some that one might say still violate Core Democratic Values. Law must still have a long way to go.”


flowers-1575264_640Poor May Day was also considered a pagan holiday (flowers just can’t catch a break) connected to celebrating the Roman goddess of flowers, vegetation, and fertility, Flora.  I found an article that said Americans traditionally used to celebrate May Day by leaving baskets of flowers on the doorsteps of random strangers, ringing the doorbell, then running away.  Reminds me of a different ding and ditch game that does not involve flowers.  There’s already enough poo in the world, so I suggest we celebrate May Day by bringing back the random flowers ding and ditch. I’m off to pick flowers.



Brace Yourself

Some of you are going to fail today from the jump.  It’s National Honesty Day!  M. Hirsh Goldberg, the former press secretary of Maryland, created National Honesty Day in the 1990’s.   I’m not certain of his motives since he traveled in political circles, but I do think honesty is the best policy.

Honesty is hard for most people, although, not all the time.   I think lying is childish (unless you’re hiding a great surprise or a funny joke). Otherwise, why get so caught up about what other people think that you choose to lie?  So, today, battle your fear of judgment and BE HONEST even if you can only hold out until midnight.

zipper mouth

If this is the only way you can keep lies from falling out of your mouth, so be it. Stay indoors and just focus on not lying to yourself.  Say it True and…


Look Up!

I know I’m late, but it is still fitting.  It’s International Astronomy Day!  Of course, the best time to celebrate is at night, looking up at the stars with the ones you love, or your Yorkie named Morris.  I’m sure this guy has the best seat in the house, but I’m not ready to be one of the millionaires blowing my money on trips to Mars.  Number one, I think it’s silly and a little dangerous, number 2, I’m not a millionaire.

I enjoy looking at the stars and imagining my loved one looking down at me.  Yes, I know that’s not exactly how it works, but nevertheless, that’s what I do.  What do you imagine when you look up at the evening sky?  I hope you don’t imagine owning a piece of the moon, but if you do, here’s  a link to a guy selling it off by the acre – Lunar Land. Most purchases are made sight unseen.  Packages are as low as $29.99 and as valid as Rumpelstiltskin saying you owe him a bag of gold.  To each his own.  I won’t judge you, but I’ll silently be questioning your relationship with reality.  Still, enjoy the evening, look up, and…

Holiday on my Friends!


One time at band camp…

It’s Tell a Story Day!  For clarification, today is different than Tell a Lie Day. The stories you tell today, whether fact or fictitious, are solely for entertainment purposes, not to deceive or deflect blame for something stupid you did or did not do.  Today is the day to share your wisdom with an age-appropriate story from your past or your favorite fairytale, fable or short story.  Celebrate it with friends, children you like or in a lonely room talking to yourself.

I went to school in the UK for about a year and studied at the University of Plymouth. I’d never been there before, I didn’t know anyone, and there were a lot of new things I had to adjust to, culturally.  I was minimally prepped before I left with a handout from my host school.  But, since I was going to another English speaking country, I wasn’t as nervous as I would have been had I chosen the program in Spain.

On my first night out, I decided to go to a club called The Walkabout.  I thought it was an odd name.  And, at the time, I had no idea what a walkabout was.  I looked at the flyer that said fancy dress and thought it would be a fun night.  So, I put on a cute dress and left my flat ready to experience Plymouth nightlife.   After entering and exiting my cab from the wrong side of the street, I made my way inside The Walkabout.  It looked like a rave.  It was pitch black and as I entered, I followed this fluorescent tunnel to the main dance floor, where it just got darker.  If it weren’t for the fluorescent hot pink, neon green, and yellow lights flashing every second, I wouldn’t have been able to see a thing.  As my eyes adjusted, I looked around.  That’s when I first thought I was seeing things.  Fog and smoke rose in the air from machines somewhere in the corners of the venue.  And, although I knew I hadn’t taken anything, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.  As I looked around, I saw a man dressed like Peter Pan in the corner, and a sexy bunny awkwardly dancing with Superman on the dance floor.  “Is it Halloween?” I thought to myself, truly thinking it was possible they celebrated it on a different day.  It was early September, not that far off, I guessed.   I decided I needed a drink, so I made my way to the bar and the Grimm Reaper served me a whiskey sour.   My lack of accent gave me away, “Are you American?” the Grimm Reaper questioned. 

“Yes,” I replied.  

“I love America!”  I’d later learn that’s a common response, well at the time it was. 

“Why is everyone in a costume?” I asked. “Is this a theme party?”

“No, it’s fancy dress tonight.”  

Fancy? I thought to myself.  I looked at my cute LBD and suspiciously thought “fancy” must mean something else here.  With the Wicked Witch and Dorthy chatting on my right and Chewbacca on my left, I leaned over to the Grimm Reaper, “Does fancy mean costume?” Laughing, he said, “Yes, it does,” and disappeared.  He returned a few minutes later with a cape and a mask.  I thanked him, bought us shots and my LBD turned into Phantom of the Opera for the rest of the night.  Good times.  





Whether you like them straight up, twisted, salted or sweet, these pub treats have been around since before the eleven-hundreds.   It’s Pretzel Day!

theravada-buddhism-1802873_640Although these snacks have ended up on bar tops, they had a more heavenly start in life.  If you’re a fan of pretzels in any form, you should thank a monk.  Modeled after the crossed arms of young monks praying, the original soft pretzel was distributed as treats when the young boys said their prayers correctly.

Well, of course, you mention young boys and the Catholics get on board.  Next thing you know history is documenting soft pretzels being distributed by Catholics with the explanation that the three holes and twisted design represent the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Also, during Lent, flour, water, and salt didn’t compromise spiritual sacrifices.   From here pretzels took off, being associated with good luck, prosperity, long life, and spirituality.  They were given to the poor as literal spiritual sustenance, the Swiss used them in weddings as a spiritual “tying of the knot,” and Germans wore them around their necks for good luck.  Have you ever considered wearing a pretzel?


Well, if your Sherlock Holms hasn’t kicked in yet, the soft definitely preceded the hard pretzel.   The first deliberately made hard pretzels were made in 1861, invented by Julius Sturgis in his Pennsylvania shop.  Bakers realized they could make more money from a product that lasted longer in an airtight environment because they could be distributed further from the shop and be available to more customers.  Cha-ching!!! By 1935 Reading Pretzel Machinery Company became the first pretzel manufacturing company in the U.S. and still produces 80% of pretzels in the states.

All of this history is great but let’s get into the real debate, savory or sweet?!  

I’m sweet all the way!  But these days the list of pretzel snacks is daunting from cupcakes to crab pretzels.  Who’s on board?  Celebrate by going over!  I have a cousin who used to truly believe she was addicted to pretzel.  An intervention was staged and I don’t know if she has even smelled a pretzel since, for fear of relapsing.  Today, she may have to just reminice.  I don’t want to be blamed for a relapse.  As for the rest of you whether salty, savory, or sweet, get twisted and HOLIDAY ON MY FRIENDS!   



Deoxyribonucleic acid

It’s DNA Day!  Today we commemorate the completion of the Human Genome Project in April of 2003 and the discovery of DNA’s double helix structure by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953. This is a day for everyone to learn more about genetics and genomics.
target-1747234_640I took a genetics class in college, so, let me explain this in laymen terms (this is gonna be fun).  DNA is basically the boss of your body and every cell in it. And, while it’s not the only reason you’re so much fun to be around, it has something to do with it.   Every cell in your body has DNA giving it instructions to follow, so everything goes according to plan.  But, just like when people don’t do what I say, things get messed up and BOOM, you’re stuck with a disease or an odd growth on your neck.

To celebrate, I think the first thing you should do is thank or blame your parents.  They gave you the DNA, not me.   Secondly, you should probably want a better explanation than the 80 words I gave you.  The National Human Genome Research Institute can help you or that place called college where you get that thing called an education and you can prove it with a degree.  To my surprise, there is a lot of celebrating going on today, #DNADayChat on Facebook and Twitter to join a live Q&A or check your state for DNA Day events.  There’s a huge cluster of activities in the Carolinas!  But, if you’re like me and there is NOTHING on the NIH map for your area and you’ll be at work during the live chat, I suggest you binge watch CSI and learn how not to leave your DNA all over a crime scene, #SpreadTheWordNotYourDNA.

Below is a video of how you probably shouldn’t celebrate today, unless making silly videos is part of your DNA.  Have fun and HOLIDAY ON MY FRIENDS! 

Don’t Swaddle a Cop

Just so I’m very clear, I’m referring to pork when I say it’s Pigs in a Blanket Day! Traditionally referring to sausages wrapped in pancakes, this culinary delight has evolved to include hot dogs, miniature wieners, and Italian Sausages wrapped in anything from a pancake to a bagel.    I think it goes without saying that today should definitely be celebrated by eating an appetizing interpretation of swine in dough.

THERE ARE SO MANY RECIPES!!  Chefs have really gone out of their way to make these staple freezer to stove to plate appetizers gourmet.  For so many reasons, this guy is probably my favorite. Talk about authentic.

Evidence shows pork in pastries have been circulating the globe since the 1600’s.  Be inspired and take your piglet to another culinary level.  Here’s what I’m thinking of trying tonight:  diced tomatoes encased in an Italian Sausage that is then wrapped in mozzarella cheeses before being placed in a flaky, puffed pastry casing.  Eat creatively and …



Parents Morning Off…

Invented in Germany, so parents could get a break from their kids under the guise of early education, today we celebrate the brainchild of  Friedrich Froebel.  It’s Kindergarten Day! 

If you take a look at my first day of school photos, I watheater_masks_by_imawatchu-d568z9ns really excited standing in front of my house, but if you put that picture next to the picture taken of me in front of the school, they look like a pair of drama masks.   I don’t remember that traumatic day.  What I do remember about Kindercare is a girl named Elizabeth, who was my friend and had very long, dark brown hair.  She was so nice that I’ve like people named Elizabeth ever since (with the exception of the lying snake at my previous job). I also remember my teacher Miss Sandy, who taught me the song, You Light Up My Life,” in sign language and I remember those plastic white cots we used to unstack for nap time. In spite of the drama masks, in the end, all went well, and school, for me, was a lot of fun. Still, if I had the option, I’m sure I’d choose kindergarten over adulting at least three times a week. Therefore…

princess-310230_640Hear ye, Hear ye!  

I  henceforth from this moment until the twenty-third and fifty-ninth hour declare it the day of Kindergarten-ing!  On this day, all adulting is henceforth suspended at will for moments of Kindergarten-ing. Kindergarten-ing shall consist of randomly reciting the alphabet, counting to one-hundred, and singing silly songs til your heart’s content.   Permission is also given to stop, drop, and color whenever such activities are desired to be done.  Should ye feel inclined ye may cut up sheets of paper and make mosaics of your name, practice writing legibly in cursive, and brush up on your puzzle skills.  Click ye here to link to PBSKids where ye shall roam freely reliving the days of your long gone youth.  Should ye be questioned while Kindergarten-ing, direct the fools to this site of the web, that they may understand and leave ye be in peace or join the celebration.  Play well and…





Big Ups!

Cat National-High-Five-Day-Shared between men, women, co-workers, strangers, family, friends, and these guys, Hi 5’s are the universal sign, for “good job,” “fantastic,” “way to go,” and one of the first tricks we teach out pets.  It’s Hi Five Day!  Not to be confused with the ever popular Low-5, the Hi-Five is an upward extension of the arm to an open-face palm that is then slapped by another person’s mirroring gesture.

Who do we have to thank for this universal sign of encouragement?  A BLACK MAN!  Of course, there are a handful of conflicting stories from others who want the credit, but according to my source, this photograph documents the first ever Hi-Five.  Appropriately being given in joy and celebration Glenn Burke, the black man who invented the Hi-Five in 1977, is congratulating his teammate, Dusty Baker, who has just hit his 30th homerun.   Surrounded by controversy in his later years, this openly gay, black, professional athlete, who was compared to Willie Mays was definitely ahead of his time.   I’m sure in addition to his baseball career, he’d be very proud to know his Hi-Five still carries on giving supportive sentiments around the world.

Celebrate today by giving everyone you see a joyous Hi-Five of encouragement!

In other News…

lima_beans2It’s also Lima Bean Respect Day and I wasn’t going to say anything, but how can I ignore a lentil that just wants us to put some respek on its name.  (Warning the following video contains a tad bit of profanity, but it’s funny as hell.)