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Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Most parents will tell you their kids are amazing and most kids probably are.  They’re also cute,aggressive-1748701_1280 even when they glare at you, instead of responding, in the grocery store when you say, “Hi!”   Well, today is the day to celebrate your little crumb snatcher.  It’s Absolutely Amazing Kid Day!

Rather than gloat at the office or annoy every passerby with the 250 pictures of your young prodigy on your cell phone, you should write your kid a note telling them why you think they’re amazing.  They will love it! Even if the most impressive thing they can do is shoot a 45-foot snot rocket.  That’s amazing in my book.

If you don’t have children, ytongues-1031219_1280ou’re someone’s child, so celebrate yourself, silently in your head (aloud will seem cocky and annoying).  Or, you can send kind thoughts to your niece, nephew, little cousin, Godchild.  Surely, there is a child in your life somewhere.



Today is not the day to celebrate your baby goat.   Have fun and holiday on my friends.