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Kiss kiss list

Are you the kind of person who can hold onto a grudge like your life depends on it? Well, research (not my research), but research shows that your life depends more on letting grudges go.  Therefore celebrating today’s holiday is good for your health, it’s Kiss and Make Up Day! Kiss, forgive, and move on.  Celebrate today by scratching names off your “Dead to Me” list one by one.  Grab the chapstick and get kissing.  Forgive, friends, family, and especially your crush (cheeky).  Before your attitude gets high and mighty, remember your name is probably on someone else’s list.  Kiss kiss and…



Pucker up!  It’s International Kissing Day! A WARNING. Before you go getting yourself dumped, all kissing counts.  So, today isn’t an excuse to French a crush under the guise of celebrating an international holiday.  You can kiss your mutt and still be included in the celebrations.  However, if you are single, today is the perfect day to French your crush and blame it on the festivities. giraffe-2072094_640

Kiss for hello. Kiss for goodbye.  Kiss just because. Today requires no special reason to kiss except to enjoy the affection of two lips pursed with gentle pressure against your skin.  So, plant a couple platonic kisses on your neighbor’s cheek.  Let me remind you, before you go getting too fresh, millions of germs are traded when you swap spit, so swap responsibly.