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If you’re reading this, you’re half way there.  If you rewrite it, you’re on point.  It’s International Literacy Day!  So, all around the world, (unless you’re battling a natural disaster), people are celebrating being literate.  Just so we are clear, Webster’s Dictionary defines literacy as the ability to read and write, being able to do one or the other doesn’t count.  If you’re in that boat, today is the perfect day to pick up the other skill.  It’s also a good day to sharpen or increase your reading and writing skills.  For example, if you can read, but only at a glacial pace or only picture books, work on that today.  If you can write, but only like a doctor or a Muppet, practice should be in your immediate future.  Celebrate by helping others become literate or exercising your skills.  Read, write, and…