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Shake it, Baby

Chocolate-8You may use all your Weight Watchers points trying to celebrate today’s holiday. It’s Chocolate Milkshake Day! Today we celebrate a shake that’s not only frozen milky deliciousness, it’s chocolate frozen milky deliciousness. Shakes have come a long way from a simple frozen drink in a glass. Now they come with caramel, chopped nuts, and toppings that rival any midnight snack!  Celebrate today with Chocolate Milkshake Smorgasbord party.  Have your friends bring toppings galore and run your points into the ground.  You’ll probably have to fast tomorrow to even things out.  Chocolate Shake it, Baby and…



It Does a Body Good

family-1350741_1280Since day one we’re sucking on mother’s milk in one form or another.  It’s World Milk Day and it still does a body good. Healthy teeth, bones, vitamin D, and many other benefits can be attributed to a nice glass of milk.  I love milk although as I’ve gotten older milk doesn’t love me like it used to, so I’ve switched to Lactaid.  I suggest celebrating today with a nice glass of milk (if you take it in a glass).  If you have a problem drinking it straight, you can always have ice cream, a White Russian, or hot cocoa, although I’m pretty sure you won’t be getting the same nutritional value as a glass of pure pasteurized fresh milk.  You can also be a bit nostalgic today and enjoy some great milk commercials.  There have had some great campaigns. Drink up and…