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Hasta luego, mula…hopefully

Of course, as April 15th rolls around we think of our taxes, but today we put on the black veil as we celebrate Mourn for Your Money Day! The year was 1943. Roosevelt was president and tax reform was the topic of discussion.  Usher in the Current Tax Payment Act of 1943.

Imagine you want to have your bathroom redone, but instead of getting a quote for the job and paying the amount owed, you hire a contractor, just give him fifty-thousand dollars and tell him to give you the change when the job is finished.  This seems like an odd way to do business, but this is exactly how we do business with the government. Throughout the year we have a pay-as-you-go relationship with our taxes and trust the IRS to give us the correct amount of change the following year.  Sometimes we even have to pay a little more.  Every couple of weeks, most of us say, “Hasta luego, mula” hoping to be reunited with a portion of it sometime the following year.  Today reflect on how that makes you feel.  Depending on your perspective, you can observe today a variety of ways.

  1. Think of all the wonderful things your tax dollars support.
  2. Mourn all the good deeds and luxury items you’d buy if you didn’t have to pay taxes.
  3. Give Mourn for Your Money Gifts and keep 40% of each gift for yourself.