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Parliament Funkadelic

If you’re the kind of person who b-lines for a “HOT NOW” sign, gets excited by Las Vegas lights, or has done recon in the midnight sky for an OPEN sign, you better get ready to celebrate the French Chemist George Claude. It’s Neon Sign Day! Yes, chemistry is responsible for these fun colored, brightly glowing, signs.  Invented in 1911, the first neon sign was used in a Paris Barbershop.  Today, no establishment is visible without a neon light.  A mixture of gasses like neon, argon, helium, xenon, and krypton give the glass signs color. The average life span of a neon sign is 8- 15 years. This makes them a solid investment for most businesses.

You can celebrate by buying a neon sign or you can channel Parliament and get Funkadelic.