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Tis Art

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Luckily when it comes to art, Webster’s Dictionary gives us constraints.   It’s International Art Appreciation Day and before we go admiring any old thing off the street, let’s define the terms.  According to Webster’s, art, for our purpose, is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects the art of painting landscapesalso :  works so produced a gallery for modern art and decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter.” 

“The conscious use of skill…” this means that while little Billy and Sara’s finger paints and stick figures are cute, they clearly lack the skill for today’s holiday.  Spare others from giving you fake compliments while you painfully show them piece after piece from your kindergartner.  Likewise, this is also extended to your two-minute career in watercolors and pottery.

Celebrate today according to your budget.  On the low end, visit a free museum, admire street art, or borrow a library book full of artwork you can’t afford.  If you’re in the middle, support a local starving artist at a street fair. On the high end, go buck wild and invest for the future.  At an level have fun and…