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POTUS and Pup

Don’t yell “King me” yet, it doesn’t mean what you think it means.  It’s Checkers Day! Checkers, in this case, doesn’t mean it’s time to pull out game pieces or hop in your car for some fast food. Also known as Dogs in Politics Day, we’re celebrating pets of the White House.  This isn’t a PETA or SPCA ploy, it’s a Nixon thing.  In his 1952 speech refuting the mishandling of $18,000 in campaign fundsCalifornia Senator Richard Nixon admitted to one political gift he intended to keep, their dog, Checkers.

Today, $18,000 is probably a drop in the bucket when compared to the amount of mishandled funds it would take to garner a televised press conference,  but we have this accusation to thank for today’s holiday.  Celebrate by visiting the Presidential Pet Museum and meeting the POTUS’s and their pups.  Maybe they will inspire a new addition to your family.


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Big Ups!

Cat National-High-Five-Day-Shared between men, women, co-workers, strangers, family, friends, and these guys, Hi 5’s are the universal sign, for “good job,” “fantastic,” “way to go,” and one of the first tricks we teach out pets.  It’s Hi Five Day!  Not to be confused with the ever popular Low-5, the Hi-Five is an upward extension of the arm to an open-face palm that is then slapped by another person’s mirroring gesture.

Who do we have to thank for this universal sign of encouragement?  A BLACK MAN!  Of course, there are a handful of conflicting stories from others who want the credit, but according to my source, this photograph documents the first ever Hi-Five.  Appropriately being given in joy and celebration Glenn Burke, the black man who invented the Hi-Five in 1977, is congratulating his teammate, Dusty Baker, who has just hit his 30th homerun.   Surrounded by controversy in his later years, this openly gay, black, professional athlete, who was compared to Willie Mays was definitely ahead of his time.   I’m sure in addition to his baseball career, he’d be very proud to know his Hi-Five still carries on giving supportive sentiments around the world.

Celebrate today by giving everyone you see a joyous Hi-Five of encouragement!

In other News…

lima_beans2It’s also Lima Bean Respect Day and I wasn’t going to say anything, but how can I ignore a lentil that just wants us to put some respek on its name.  (Warning the following video contains a tad bit of profanity, but it’s funny as hell.)

What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day

As if my dog needs one more thing to make him feel like he is my equal.  We already share a couch, a bed, a car.  I fear that if he had thumbs, he’d try taking over the kitchen.  On the other hand, I’d enjoy having him learn how to lift and lower the toilet seat.  Last year, when the snow prevented me from opening my front door, forcing me to open the back door slider and shovel 3 feet of snow to let him outside, those opposable thumbs would have come in handy.

On the other hand, if my precious Yorkie were anymore independent, he’d be a cat.  Never a cat owner, myself.  I resent all the pet preferential treatment cats receive and I suspect, had they thumbs, humans would be the teddy bears of their world, with a usefulness limited to cuddling.

At any rate, today is the day we dream of “what ifs” and maybe we can take liberty with this holiday and go beyond opposable thumbs and our pets.  What if we dyed our hair? What if we never stop dreaming?  What if we never stop smiling?  What if…?   So many possibilities and the rest of our lives to try them all out.  Have a wonderful “what if” day!