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Musical Holidays

beautiful-woman-764078_640We’ve already celebrated National Picnic Day and National Panic Day, well today is the International holiday for both.  If you had the time of your life on either one of these National holiday’s, do a repeat and celebrate today Internationally.


If you’re looking for something new to celebrate, of course, it’s Father’s Day, but it is also National Splurge Day and Go Fishing Day!   If you feel like a Ball ’til you Fall kind of day!  Go with it, just try not to wake up in the red tomorrow.  If you want to relax and get your holiday on, go fishing. Of course, I know how to crab, but not fish.  I’ve been wanting to learn so I may take today to go teach myself.

Take today to celebrate everything, ev-er-y-thang, erythang!   Happy Sunday and…


Find your happy place

It is so beautiful outside and children-655542_640it’s National Picnic Day!  Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate? Unless your picnic table looks like this, you should eat outside today.  Grab a book, some snacks, some friends (even if they’re imaginary), and soak up the sun.  If you hate picnics and have an aversion to eating outside, it’s also Take a Chance Day.  I suggest you embrace the outdoors, take a chance that nothing will attack you, and the ants won’t steal your meat.

As for me, I’m going to get some crab legs and sit in the middle of the park like I own the darn thing.  I’ve got my e-book, notepad, and Zyrtec. Carpe diem!