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I know what you’re going to do next summer

It’s All Hallows Eve, but more importantly, it’s National Increase Your Psychic Powers Day!  If you’re not Miss Cleo, it’s time to brush up on your card reading skills.  To be honest, I’m not going to spend a lot of time here.  I’ve looked at a couple websites and I don’t want to accidentally unlock anything.  The Holy Ghost lives in me and surrounds me, period. So, if you want to celebrate by trying to increase your psychic powers, I suggest you Google it, like I did, and click on a link that resonates with you.  If you’re like me and too scary or saved to even think about celebrating today, I suggest you gather with friends carving pumpkins and telling knock-knock jokes.  In my glance, I did learn that meditating, remembering, and examining your dreams are key components to increase your psychic awareness.  So, remember to go to bed on time, meditate until you fall asleep, write down your vivid dream, and if you do become a psychic, hook a sista up with some good news.




Tools, not him,…actual tools.

Today is Worship of Tools Day.   I don’t mean the annoying, slightly sexiest guy in your office, which would be a crazy thing to celebrate, I mean actual tools; wrenches, hammers, drills, etcetera.  Really?  We need a day to celebrate tools?   I guess we do.

My personal opinion is that after International Working Women’s Day, someone (a guy) needed a little validation and decided it should be Worship Tools Day, to show off their collection and reiterate the relevance of the men, “handy” men, who fix things or who collect tools and pretend to fix things.  Personally, I’m not worshiping anything that doesn’t begin with a JE- and end with -SUS. And, these days, women own tools too (sticks out tongue).  So today, I will pull out my lavender and gray tool bag,  spread out my pastel tools, and reminisce about the many projects we’ve completed together.

On the other hand, I would like to take a minute of silence to honor the men, who have helped me along the way (silently counts to 60).  I have been fortunate enough to know some very handy men, who have taught me to use tools, all kinds of tools, shiny tools, big tools, little tools, even power tools.  Thank you!  Here’s a special shout out to the guys, who used their tools to help me by fixing my car, putting up my mailbox, completing my honey-do-list, and making my dreams come true. I truly appreciate you all!  Despite my sometimes sarcastic tongue, I greatly appreciate men, who can and will use their tools to do the things I can’t or don’t want to do.  You’ve helped me out in many situations and there is something pretty cool about a guy in overalls, using a power saw, with sparks flying everywhere, only protecting himself with tiny sunglasses.

In case you aren’t the handyman type of person, my sources tell me all tools can be celebrated today.  Do you grill, sew, sculpt mini villages in the privacy of your own home? Celebrate those tools too!

All tools matter.

Holiday on my friends!