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It’s all about color, not race.  It’s National Color Day!  Most of us are drawn more to one color over others.  Colors have an impact on how we feel, our mood, and some of our decisions.  What colors rock your world?  I’m totally purple, but I like orange too.  Celebrate by deciding what colors to throw up on that blank wall in your bedroom.  Today is a great day to discover what moves you, calms you, and colors you happy. Take a walk or visit the paint counter.  You may fall in love with a new color or a new shade of your favorite.  Have fun, be colorful and…



Today’s References: Very Well

Purple Peace, Baby

And another reason why purple is so great, it’s Wear Purple for Peace Day!  There is something about this color that ushers in a nice calm atmosphere.  In addition to being the color of royalty, it also has its own peace day!  There can’t be a cooler color.

Think PEACE today.  All kinds of peace!  Peace from and argument.  Peace from frustration.  Peace from long meetings, aching knees, and the afternoon itis.  Peace like still waters.  Peace that surpasses all understanding.   Peace from annoying relatives and demanding mothers.  Peace from psychotic exes.  Peace from being too early or too late. Peace to alien invaders.  Peace just because.  Peace of strawberry shortcake – ahh well, can’t win them all. Purple peace and…