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Gamers Unite!

Gamers all over the world, unite, it’s Video Game Day!  This holiday actually comes twice a year.  I’m sure someone used a cheat code to get it on the calendar twice.  It most certainly wasn’t me since my video game days died somewhere around the 3rd or 4th remake of the Legend of Zelda.  These days there are a million video games in rotation with graphics that look like full-length feature films and there are at least a hundred different types of controllers. I have officially lost my cool in the video game arena. Unless Candy Crush counts, I might as well be playing Burger Time.


Celebrate today by not complaining while your gamer friend sits on the couch playing video games for ten straight hours.  Admire their commitment and ability to hold their bladder and bowels for those many consecutive hours.  Then, join them and celebrate the art of gaming.  If you’re anything like me, your games don’t really exist anymore and no one cares that you’re a Tetris Goddess.  Learn a new game and fake it til you make it! Level up and…