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Joy and Pain

They are the playmates we don’t always ask for but, enjoy just the same. It’s National Siblings Day and if you have one of these you know the joys and pains of being a sibling.

sibrivYou don’t always get the perfect brother or sister who instantly becomes your BFF.  It may take a few decades of sibling rivalry, teasing, and practical jokes to get it right.  But, if they stick around long enough, you’ll find they are generally worth having.

Brothers and sisters come into your life in various ways.  There’s the uh-oh babbffdalmatians2y that was made after a funeral, a settled argument, or that third drink; the planned honeymoon or “now’s a good time” baby, and the brothers and sisters from other misters we find ourselves.    Either way, there is a special bond between siblings not easily severed.
bff sibs

I think it goes without saying that the best way to celebrate National Siblings Day is for the baby of the family to take their older sibling(s) out to dinner.  From my extensive research, at one point or another, younger siblings have unnecessarily annoyed the crap out of their older siblings and gotten them in trouble for no reason.   Studies have revealed there is a trait in the 21st chromosome which is triggered to activate annoyance the moment a younger sibling begins walking and realizes they are the youngest. Sometimes they inadvertently trigger the “I’m older” gene in an older sibling, who must forever become “the regulator.”

middleToday, please call a middle child who complains about their “special syndrome.”  I don’t get it, they get the best of both worlds, getting to experience being both the oldest and the youngest.  However, don’t underestimate this bunch.  They have complained so loudly, that not only is Middle Child Syndrome actually recognized as a “thing,” they also have their own day, August 12th, dedicated to them (But, they are in competition with Vinyl Record Day, so I’m not sure I’ll be celebrating Middle Child Day this year).

No matter where you fall in line, if there are 2 or 20 of you, it’s nice to have the company and you turn out to be a much better person than those spoiled, self-centered only childs! Unless you’re the youngest, then it’s practically the same thing.  Ha Ha Ha!