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Look Up!

I know I’m late, but it is still fitting.  It’s International Astronomy Day!  Of course, the best time to celebrate is at night, looking up at the stars with the ones you love, or your Yorkie named Morris.  I’m sure this guy has the best seat in the house, but I’m not ready to be one of the millionaires blowing my money on trips to Mars.  Number one, I think it’s silly and a little dangerous, number 2, I’m not a millionaire.

I enjoy looking at the stars and imagining my loved one looking down at me.  Yes, I know that’s not exactly how it works, but nevertheless, that’s what I do.  What do you imagine when you look up at the evening sky?  I hope you don’t imagine owning a piece of the moon, but if you do, here’s  a link to a guy selling it off by the acre – Lunar Land. Most purchases are made sight unseen.  Packages are as low as $29.99 and as valid as Rumpelstiltskin saying you owe him a bag of gold.  To each his own.  I won’t judge you, but I’ll silently be questioning your relationship with reality.  Still, enjoy the evening, look up, and…

Holiday on my Friends!