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Time, Talents, Treasurers

It’s Saturday and most of us usually spend today thinking about ourselves or our children.  What can I cross off my “To Do” list today?  What do I need to do for the children; games, school projects, etc? How can I relax today? It’s Make a Difference Day, so think outside yourself.  What can you do for your community?

Make a Difference Day began in 1990 and, per USA Today, was birthed when a Leap Day fell on a Saturday and a group of people decided to help others with their extra day.  What can you do to help your community? Think deeper than excusing yourself from the room before you pass gas. Many community-based organizations thrive on volunteer support.  Celebrate today by spending your time, talents, and treasures helping others. Connect with an organization in your neighboorhood, make a difference and…



What is time and what does it really mean? Find the answer and test your theory today. It’s Be Late for Something Day!  If you’re a procrastinator, today will come easy. If you’re in the arriving on time is five minutes late club, you’re going to struggle but try anyhow.  There are benefits to arriving when you arrive; less stress, less sweat, and less expectation; okay, that last one isn’t great, but it is useful.  Don’t expect your doctor or lawyer to arrive on time and you’ll save yourself some frustration.

Forget about time zones or pretend you live in a different one.  Being late today is not only fashionable, it’s celebratory.  Take your time and…



Time is Art

You’re going to have to pull out your kumbayah and crystals for this holiday.  Today is Day Out of Time Day and we’re not just in a different time, we are in a different calendar, the 13 moon calendar.   I don’t know too much about this, so I’m not going to linger here long, but the general idea is Peace through Culture and that’s a theme I can support.

Gather today and celebrate by discussing culture and the oneness art can bring.  Peace, love and moonbeams can be today’s motto.  I feel the showers of acceptance shimmering over my body right now.   Don’t get offended or overly caught up.  There are many people who want peace and harmony in the world, but everybody’s peace and harmony isn’t what you want.  Find your center, rub your belly, pat your head and…