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Get a Woodie

Blame it on the war because the conservation of steel partially led to this fashion forward multi-use wagon.  It’s National Woodie Wagon Day!  Back in the day, everything was made of wood and this short lived classic wagon was no exception.  The originals were hand-made and expensive to maintain.  Which explains their short lived manufacturing days.  Today a well-restored beauty will cost more than your house (depending on the house).  And, although manufacturing halted, the nostalgia lived on, and the actual wood was eventually replaced with look-a-like steel paneling.  Which brings me to the station wagon most of us can remember.

National Lampoon must have been art (if you can call it that) imitating life because millions have packed up and hit the highway to Grandma’s house in a wood paneled station wagon.   From trips to the Grand Canyon or the beach, a wood paneled station wagon was rarely an empty vehicle.   Large enough to hold an entire boat or a pair of surf boards.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a vehicle built of wood today, but wood grain interior is still considered a thing of luxury.

Celebrate today by putting together a model car of one of the more popular wood grain babies.  Have fun and…



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