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Do not disturb.

I’m not sure the Silverbacks will be excited to see you, but it is Zoo Lovers Day and the best way to celebrate is to, of course, go the Zoo!  Normally, I’d think this goes without saying, but Harambe asked me to clarify that this is harambe3not proper zoo visiting etiquette.  They prefer their personal guests wear cargo pants and bring gifts.   If you’re offended, the boy made it out with only a few scratches, probably from the fall.  Harambe was shot and killed.

lemur-1045220_640On another note. Some animals love visitors.  You’re pretty interesting to look at too, you know.

If you are just dying (poor word choice) to get up close and personal with a zoo animal, you can register to become a zookeeper for a day.  I don’t know which zoos or the process.  I just know it’s a thing.   So, visit a zoo or watch animal planet, and HOLIDAY ON MY FRIENDS!