It’s Sunday evening and I’ve finally forced myself to purposefully sit down at the beautiful silver Mac sitting on my office desk.  I type my password and as always I’m seduced by the sound of the keys on the keyboard.  The clicking and gentle spring in their response making me want to push at the keys for hours, letting every brilliant idea that came to me throughout the day fall freely, appearing effortlessly on a blank screen.  My greatest, wittiest thoughts ever arrange themselves in the most engrossing creative conversational tone until…until they don’t and the next brilliant phrase is lost in the gray matter between my ear lobes and I find myself now sitting in front of the evil half blank page without so much as the perfect adjective to describe the shy nouns that are also missing.  I’m gridlocked and I need help!

Surely, I’m not the only writer that has been betrayed by their thoughts in such a cruel and relentless manner.  This is my battle cry for those who dare admit they are with me right now.  Let’s muster together and write, write, write no matter what.  You are my comrades for which this section has been scripted.  Write every day, no matter what.

Let’s create and make sense of it later!  

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