Punk Out

Today’s holiday is not specific and can be interpreted a few different ways.  It’s National Punk for a Day Day!  You can choose to act like a punk, getting on the nerves of everyone around you.  You can choose the creative route and explore your punk rocker side. Or you can punk out of celebrating all together, but where is the fun in that?

When I was younger, punk and heavy metal were at their peak (at least it feels that way).  It wasn’t my favorite music although I liked a few songs here and there.  The fashion was fantastic.  It was over the top, colorful, adventurous, risky, and fun. I’m going to celebrate by hosting an exclusive rocker party this evening.  If you’re not going to compose the next great rock song, or hang out with a world famous rock star, I suggest you do the same.  Make the day fun and however you choose to celebrate, don’t punk out.



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