Let’s Get Musical!

Have you always thought of yourself as musical, but couldn’t find anyone else to agree? Well, today is the day for you to live unabandoned.  It’s Buy a Musical Instrument Day! So, from the harmonica to the bagpipe, today is the day to express your musical creativity!

Instruments can be expensive, so if you aren’t planning to take your act on the road, I suggest making your purchase at a pawn shop, second-hand store, or a toy store (It’s not Buy a Professional Musical Instrument Day).    I’m certain, playing the instrument you purchase is a requirement, otherwise, why purchase one?  You will kill its soul.  So assemble your friends this evening for a jam session.

If you are musically inclined, then treat yourself to an upgrade or learn a new instrument.  I’ve played the violin, piano, clarinet, and guitar, but recently, I’ve fancied the digeridoo.  ABCDEFG and…






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