A whistle, snow cone, and a thistle…

A peacock, a lizard, something yellow, a tie with a face on it, a candy cane, the word “exponential,” a purple car, a basket of balls, a bowling ball, a turtle, and a pot of gold.  No, this isn’t a game of I Spy, it’s National Scavenger Hunt Day!

Today can be so much fun if you are willing to use your imagination!  I’m a scavenger hunt award winner, one part of the reigning champion trio team “The Best” of the Mozie-Smith Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt! We’re basically scavenger hunt beasts who can’t be topped.

Have some fun today!  Finding your missing sunglasses by cleaning your room, doesn’t count.  Hide office items and send a group email for an office scavenger hunt.  The winner gets $5, personal beverage service for the day,  or a rubber band trophy.  Make a list of items, go to the mall with a few friends and have a mall scavenger hunt!  The first to Instagram them all wins!   Be a sleuth for the odd, unusual, and random.  Look high, look low, and…



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