Don’t worry about your fly

You won’t need these today.  It’s International No Pants Day, or Trousers (depending on where you live)!   Why drop your pants? Well, according to my source, it started off as a senior prank at the University of Texas and eventually gained momentum from there.  It is celebrated everywhere from London to Finland, including France, Sweden, Australia, and Canada.  Why join the crowd? I guess just good old fashion fun and it challenges you not to take yourself or others too seriously.
underpants-54117_1280Now, if you’re going to play, don’t cheat by wearing a kilt, skirt, shorts, capris, or any other item of clothing beyond underwear below the waist.  I also don’t think it counts if you celebrate by lounging in your knickers at home on the couch.  If that were the case, I celebrate No Pants Day, every day.  So if you’re down for a little adventure, celebrate today sans pants.  I wouldn’t suggest trying this at work unless you own the joint and don’t subscribe to the no sexual harassment policy or should I say law.  I’m not sure celebrating this holiday will hold up in court as a defense.   It’s definitely not a congressional holiday, although we know politicians have removed their trousers at work.  Anyhow, I digress.  It’s No Pants Day.  I imagine your socks should probably be stunning! Have fun, strut around in your knickers and…


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